Rubber Belt Production Engineering

October 9, 2015

Rubber mixing: divided into mastication and Compounding. Mastication or Plastication: reduce molecular, increase plasticity and improve processing performance, made of malleable plastic mastication with requirements. Compounding process: through by the uniformly compounding, mixed and dispersed the rubber and compounding ingredients to made Compounding rubber, use of equipment for open mill, internal mixer and extruder machine;

Calendering: can manufacture pure rubber sheet, rubber sheet with pattern, cord fabric, canvas, copper wire cord fabric and other reinforcing materials;

Extrusion: through different mouth continuous extrude semi-finished products such as hoses, profiles, belt strips, steel traveler, rubber sheet, used to molding and direct vulcanization by the extruder;

Molding or shaping: the various parts together molded to form the similar shape or slightly larger semi-finished products. There are many variety of molding process equipment, typical pre-molding machine, some manual operation, etc.

Wearable vulcanization belt: the last process of rubber belt is the use of self-vulcanizing machine, autoclave, platen press, microwave and other equipment to complete unvulcanizedand, finally after appropriate modification processed to complete finished products;

Quality control in EXQUISITE Intl is divided into three parts, namely raw material quality control, process control and finished products quality control.

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